CNC Plasma Cutting - Is capable of accurately cutting Stainless Steel and Mild Steel as thin as 22 ga. all the way to 1" plate in any shape imaginable. The Bed is 5 Ft x 12 Ft.

CNC Plasma

CNC Braking - Our 12 ft. Brake can bend metal ranging from 22 ga. to 1/4" plate. It has a CNC back gauge that can accurately set up bend dimensions.



CNC Brake

Shearing - From 22 ga. to 3/16" Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Brass up to 12 ft. in lengthl. CNC back gauging can quickly and accurately shear flat material.

CNC Shear

Band Saw Cutting - Capable of cutting a solid piece of metal up to 10" x 24". It will cut as many pieces you want to the same size and whatever angle you want.



Power Rolls - This Machine has the ability to roll up to 1/4" Material 10' long. Minimum diameter of 12"

Welding - TIG, MIG, ARC and Spot Welding. Our shop has the capability to weld Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Aluminum. Our welds can also be finished in assortment of appearances such as raw, buffed or seamless.

Field Installations - We have the ability to install all the products we manufacture.


Shop Floor
Shop Floor